Here I place miscellaneous pieces that do not fit well elsewhere!

The latest addition is a paper on the extensive religious discrimination allowed in the employment of teachers and the failure of the European Commission to rule that the UK had failed to transpose properly the EU framework directive on employment.

Also critical of the Department for Education is a paper on the British Humanist Association’s successful challenge to the Department for Education that produced a High Court ruling that religious education in non-faith schools must include non-religious beliefs – a ruling the Department is determinedly ignoring.

The two pieces here at present are a critique of the judgement of the European Court of Human Rights in the case of Lautsi v. Italy (when under huge political pressure the court’s Grand Chamber totally reversed on appeal a well argued finding against Italy’s law requiring crucifixes to be displayed on every state classroom wall) and an outspokenly hostile review of a book on Humanism by Mark Vernon.

There are also some depressed thoughts on Brexit.